Basic Supplies Make Happy Pets

We often do not realize when thinking about getting a pet how many supplies they need to be happy and comfortable. Pet supplies are like baby care items; and there can be something you do not consider a necessity which is. Fido and Fifi can have as many supplies as if you have a baby and how do you even begin to choose what is needed, overall the extras that are on the market?

The Basics

If you have ever looked at any stores or online where pet supplies are sold, no doubt you noticed the huge selection and variety of anything you could think of to buy your pet and some things you never would have. While it may be overwhelming and you may be compelled to buy the newest trendy must-have doggy carrier, it is best to start with the basics. It will ensure that your pet has what they need and your bank account remains in the black.


Bedding is a basic that some may consider extra but your pet needs to have a place of their own to take a nap. Having a dedicated spot with a mat or blanket or bed for your pet could cut down on dirt and pet hair being spread all over the house as well.


Bowls for food and water are necessary so that your pet knows where their food is and what they are supposed to eat. Pet food is also of course the most basic and most important of basics as you want your pet to have a balanced diet.


Yes, toys. Especially if your pet is a baby, this is a necessity. If you provide your pet with its very own toys to chew and play with, you are more likely to not be throwing away your favorite slippers or trying to reassemble the shredded newspaper when the little furballs need something to help them bring in their teeth. Bones and balls for puppies and anything for a kitty that is theirs and not yours – but toys are basics to keep them active and happy.

Identification items

One of the most basic of pet supplies besides food is something to make sure they are properly identified with. Even if Fluffy is an indoor cat, doors sometimes get left open and for Fido, the same goes for gates. A collar that fits with a tag with your pet’s name and address and your contact information can save a lot of heartaches should they get out or lost. A good leash is essential too, to make sure that your dog stays with you and stays safe. Besides, it is the law in some areas to have a leash.

If you put some thought into what your pet needs and offer it at least the basics, you will have a happy pet for years to come.