How to Create a Special Place for Your Dog

How to Create a Special Place for Your Dog

Dogs make wonderful companions. They are always there for you when you need a friend. They will sit with you when you don’t feel good, cheer you up when you’re sad and play anytime you’re in the mood. They always show you unconditional love and they never complain about anything you do. Since your four-legged friend is always there for you, why not create a special place for your dog in your home to show him how special he is to you.

While your dog may seem happy lying on the couch or even in the floor beside of you, she would be much happier with her own special place. Dogs, like humans, need some alone time. They need somewhere they can go to rest peacefully, where no one will bother them. This is even more important when you have children that tend to keep your pet busy.

Choose a location in your home that is secluded but that’s easily accessible. It can be a corner in your living room, den or even your bedroom. It really doesn’t matter where you choose as long as it’s easy to get to, has enough room and is in one of the least active areas of your home. If people are constantly running by, he won’t feel as secluded and won’t be able to rest as well.

Once you choose a spot, start fixing it up for your dog like you would your own special room in the home. Choose a bed that suits his personality and place it in his spot. There are many to choose from with beautiful designs that will go perfectly with all types of d?cor. This makes it easy to find something that will blend in instead of looking awkward and out of place.

Buy a mat to go next to her bed to put her food and water bowls on so she won’t have to travel far when she needs something to drink. A mat is not necessary but it will help to keep her special place a little cleaner in case she spills water or drops food. If you want to go all out, you can buy personalized bowls and mats that have your pet’s picture on them or other designs to help dress the area up a little.

Have a place on the other side of his bed where you can put his chew bone and other toys. This will help keep them from being scattered all over the house and it will help him to understand that this is his place. Creating a special place for your dog inside your home is a great way to show your appreciation for all the things he gives you every day.